Thursday, August 1, 2013

Day 5 of 365

Blogging is torture.  

Or at least the functionality behind it is.  My idea was simple, or so I thought.  Create a blog where I could post updates on my progress to write and finish "My Journey with Lea".  Use it as a road map and a mentor to keep me on track.  Selfishly I wanted something pretty, easy to use for the reader (point and click, point and click), and even easier to use for me.  Upload a word document (the blog), add a few pictures, and wallah!  A blog that is easy to follow.

Ha!  Little did I know that I would spend a good chunk of my first two weeks blogging working out the kinks and playing do-it-yourself tech support.  I have learned more than I ever wanted to know about RSS feeds, the dangers of cut and paste (hidden code...who knew?) and tech support forums.  

Which is why I have to keep reminding myself of the end goal.  It is NOT to become a compelling blog writer.  It is to write the story that has changed my life.  Don't let Rachel and Leo get lost in your efforts to make the blog really shine Alex...don't do it.  Sigh.

So with crossed fingers and a healthy dose of optimism I post the next installment of the "My Journey with Lea" blog.  Listed below is another bit from the book.  I hope that you receive this post via email at some point on August 1, in the year of 2013.  If you don't, well, back to the tech support forums!  Wish me luck.

And now, back to their story:

In the midst of her swirling emotions she looked up.  At the end of the aisle waited "the one".  The love of her life.  The most beautiful woman, inside and out, she had ever had the privilege of knowing.  The one who's eyes now spoke volumes about the love they shared.  About the journey they had endured together.  Real world logic did not give them this ending, in fact, by all accounts they should have been separated and forgotten long ago.  "But there she is.", Alex thought, "There she is."  She gently sighed as her heart melted and her soul danced, and somehow she found the courage to walk forward.

Thank you again for being here, for being you.  And as always...

Believe in forever.  (I do.)



Sandi said...

Great story! Hope the bugs get worked out...not fun!

Alexandria Inde said...

Thanks Sandi! I hope so too! :) Alex

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