Sunday, August 4, 2013

Day 8 of 365

I have faith.

I have to.  You need faith to pretty much do anything these days.  You need faith to carry on when the curves in life come at a rapid clip.  You need faith to open up to the unlimited possibilities of this complicated world.  You need faith to let go.  And most importantly, you need faith in your ability to create the world you desire, physically, spiritually, emotionally.

And I do.  I have faith.

I am certainly writing the story of Rachel and Leo from a position of pure faith.  Faith that the details of their adventure will come to me, that it will integrate into the journey of Lea and Alex perfectly.  That it will come together in just under 357 days. 

It has been a liberating experience, allowing my somewhat controlling ego to give into the sensory feeling of letting go, allowing the story to come to me.  This has been way more fun than sitting at the computer with a deadline induced book report mentality.  Their story just flows though my fingers at random intervals, and I am enjoying the ride.

For example, I am quite certain that Rachel had faith in herself.  She had to.  She rebelled against her family's carefully sculpted plans for her future and chose a very different path.  Not easy to do in the early 1900's.  Here's a little background on our lovely heroine:

It was a chance encounter really.  Rachel had wandered away from her parents at the Philadelphia Liberty Festival, drawn to a stunning roan Appaloosa mare that was standing near the fairground entrance.  "Beautiful.  What's her name?"   "Smoky." the old cowboy answered.  "After the Smoky Mountains."  "Nice.  Are you in the parade?"  The cowboy sighed, flashing a crooked half grin.  "I guess.  It's my daughter that's supposed to be here in this darn parade.  Had Smoky shipped up special and everything.  Then at the last minute she finds out that she got into that new Cumberland Female College, and she needs to start right away.  So here I am riding Smoky.  Geez.  Can't say I blame her though, that place is a beauty.  Big brick buildings, sit's in the middle of a mountain, surrounded by green.  It's all she's ever talked about."

The cowboy suddenly shifted his attention to tightening the cinch rings and checking the stirrup length.  He had no idea why he had babbled on so much to the first person who had stopped to say hello, and was quietly reprimanding himself.  Or maybe it was the peculiar far off gaze that Rachel now had in her eyes that startled him.  She mumbled "Enjoy the festival sir." and aimlessly wandered away, her head spinning.  For a reason that she would never be able to completely comprehend, Rachel knew at that very moment, in that one chance conversation with a replacement parade cowboy, at 16 years old her life was now on a new path.  She knew she was no longer on her way to the prestigious Bryn Mawr College, where she would have studied Liberal Arts and officially entered Philadelphia society.  She was on her way to big brick buildings on a green mountaintop, surrounded by blue sky and fresh air.  Rachel always had faith in her intuition, and she knew with every ounce of her being that this random encounter was no mistake.  It was destiny.

Have faith that those chance encounters in life truly mean something.  I do.  Rachel certainly did.

And thank you for having the faith to follow me on this journey.

Believe in forever.


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