Monday, August 5, 2013

Day 9 of 365

Life is so flipping exciting!

When great energy is flowing through me something unexpected always happens.  (And 99% of the time it is either positive or at least very interesting.)  When I feel shut off or closed down....nothing.  Same ol dull routine.  No fun at all.

God I love it when my body and my mind are in a state of pure energetic flow!  It makes me so aware of all that is happening around me and gets me out of my head for a little while.  Super cool feeling, to be really aware and very present.

Whenever I am in a rut, whether it is work related, in my writing, or with a family issue, I make a conscious effort to adjust the energy that is flowing through me.  Sometimes I take a walk and just breathe, trying not to think about anything other than how beautiful the sky is.  Sometimes I just stop what I am doing and sit still for a minute, focusing with my eyes closed on the feeling of breathing in and breathing out.

It is sooo bizarre, but almost every time I take one of these actions something shifts.  I get a solution to a problem I was not even pondering, or I get a crystal clear idea for a new chapter of the book.  Sometimes the shift comes in the form of an unexpected phone call or text message, leading me down a new and exciting path.  Whatever it is, I always feel giddy because I know the change was a result of making a conscious decision to adjust my energy.

Speaking of a shift in energy, allow me to share a quick excerpt from the early, early days of Alex and Lea.  Still very much trying to figure out the attraction between them, Alex marvels at the fact Lea is finally coming over to see her.  

When Alex heard the phone click she stood silently in the center of the kitchen, letting the moment sink in, afraid to move.  "Wow.", she sighed.  "Unbelievable.  She's coming over.  No flipping way."  She still had not identified exactly what it was about Lea that had captured her entire being, body, mind, and soul, and she had no desire to stop long enough to figure it out.  All she was willing to admit at that moment was that she felt an overwhelming desire to get to know Lea better, to see her, to be in her presence.  Beyond that pressing need, and the new found excitement of tomorrow's visit, her heart would not allow her to ponder the thought any further.

And their exciting journey began.

So when you are at a loss or feel low, shift your energy, and have faith that change is right around the corner.  And as always, 

Believe in forever.


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