Friday, January 3, 2014

Day 159 0f 365

I promised…

…in the beginning that I would write a compelling blog to document the grueling process of trying to write a novel. I committed to writing a blog every day and have spent hundreds of hours writing, editing, and creating

Well, having the time to post every day didn’t happen. In fact there have been months where only a single blog or two have made the journey from mind to website, and some weeks evaporated without writing a solitary word. Still, not a day has gone by without a notation on a legal pad, or the back of a receipt, or the notebook on my nightstand. This novel still lives and breathes in me, striving to see the light of day.

So while the blog has not been a daily exercise, creating the novel has. I have found a lot of wonderful writing spaces here in my temporary city and I know that I WILL finish this novel on time. And it will be published. I am, however, going to spend less time on creating, editing, and posting the blog. With only 209 days to go I will need to spend my precious writing hours on the goal that started this journey…finishing MJWL. For those of you who have checked in frequently, thank you. I will keep you updated, just not as often.

So with that said, back to our story…

When I write I visualize a lot…guess that’s the name of the game, right? Allow me to share just a small section from MJWL about a beautiful blue horse:

Rachel had wandered away from her parents at the Philadelphia Liberty Festival, drawn to a stunning blue roan appaloosa mare that was standing near the fairground entrance. At age sixteen she had quickly become bored with the incessant chatter about summer homes and the latest scandals and sought respite in the white noise of the street merchants and marching bands. She had walked the length of the parade route when she spotted the mare.

The appaloosa was breathtaking, sporting a slate gray coat from its muzzle to the back of its shoulders, blending seamlessly into a spotted pattern of white and black that extended through the back hips. Defiant patches of silky gray decorated the back legs and hind quarters. The salt and pepper mane was neatly brushed and pulled up into neat button braids, while the solid gray tail was left silently flowing at the whim of the wind.

I can see this horse standing there when I am writing, and describing her to you is pure joy. I hunt for the right words to paint an effective picture, and I hope I have done the appaloosa justice. And I hope that you still…

Believe in forever.



Anonymous said...

Looking forward to future chapters, am hungry for more!
Peace. Palladina.

Alexandria Inde said...

Thank you Palladina! I have been writing quite a bit and will blog soon. I appreciate your support!

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