Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 2 of 365


Welcome back!

I am so honored that you made the decision to read on!!  Now that you have, allow me to share with you my plan for the next 364 action packed days:

Step 1: Write a compelling blog to chronicle the process of creating "My Journey with Lea".  Why?  To keep me on track.  To push me.  To feel a sense of accountability.  You see, I have had this story in my mind and in my soul for a few years now.  It's been there, ready to go, aching to be told, but the pace of life has made it easy to say "someday I will...".  By sharing this process with all of you via a public blog, with a specific completion date in mind ***July 27, 2014***, I will stay on track and get these love stories out of my mind and on paper...finally! 

Step 2: Write the novel that fills my heart.  A tale of parallel romances, connected yet separated by several lifetimes.  Find a way to explain how love can transcend time, space, and all earthly circumstances.  Now, I need to tell you right up front that part of the story I am writing is a deep, sometimes gut wrenching love story that occurs between two women.  When I write about the day a casual glance touched my soul and changed my life forever, the inspiration in my mind is a beautiful, strong willed, kind hearted woman.  The deep brown eyes I picture when I'm writing belong to “her”, not to “him”.   If this concept is offensive to you, then maybe this blog is not where you need to be.  I have faith, however, that most people are open to the concept of true love between two people, as opposed to the all or nothing approach of “It has to be a man and a woman”.  At the end of the day you, YOU, have to be happy with who you love.  I, the writer, have had nice friendships with men AND women, and find them both quite lovely in a lot of ways.  But my heart belongs to a woman.  That’s just the way it is.

Step 3: Publish the book.  Enjoy every step of the journey.  Learn along the way and be grateful for each and every life lesson.

That's the plan!  So with that said, here is the book premise: 

“My Journey with Lea” shares with you the story of Alexandria and Lea, two women who met young and fell head over heels in love.  Their first embrace was electric.  Their first kiss was filled with more passion than either had ever experienced before, or since.  What they had was pure magic.  Yet every attempt to find their “happily ever after” was met by a world full of complications, responsibilities, and a lifetime of more twists and turns than most hearts would even try to endure.  Yet here they are, after many long years, still fighting to be together.  Will our heroines finally find peace, and will it be with each other?

 “My Journey with Lea also depicts two souls, Rachel and Leo, who met long ago and were tragically parted by an early death.  She died on him young, and it ripped him to shreds.  The heartbroken spirits spend a century trying to find each other again, unwilling to let go and move on, believing that they must reconnect in this life to spend eternity together in the next.  The two stories are interwoven throughout the book before ultimately reaching an ending that leaves you guessing right until the final few moments where the journey will lead our heroines and the forlorn angels in waiting.

That’s the novel.  This is my journey.

Moving forward I will continue to chronicle the book writing process and share excerpts from the novel itself.  This is my first attempt at professional writing, so it is very much a learn as I go experience.  It would mean a lot to me if you would walk along with me!  I hope that you will.

So until we meet again, enjoy all that you do, love with all that you are, and as always...

Believe in Forever.


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