Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 23 of 365

Wild women!

More specifically,  Cool name.  I liked it immediately.

They are a small, independent publishing company "specializing in novels with strong female characters". Perfect!  My Journey with Lea has strong female characters!  Love it!  Let's do this!  

So a few months ago, with little more on paper than the novel premise, the lead characters, and a burning desire to tell their story, I contacted three different publishers, offering them the opportunity to give me a book deal. Wild Women Writers was one of them.

I felt so strongly about the novel I was creating that I very much believed a publisher would be inspired enough to sign an unknown writer, with a unwritten work of fiction.

Dumb ass.

But a dumb ass with vision!  Why not!?  The more I feel this beautiful portrayal of love, agony, and determination come through me, the more I want to convince a publisher that this is not a risk.  It's destiny. 

I want to scream from the green mountaintops that Rachel so loved "If you could only see what I see!  Feel what I feel!"

But I guess as an author that IS my job.  To invite you to see what I see. To write so that you'll feel what I feel.  To help you sense the breeze on your forehead, as you look through the window and see Leo smiling at you.  To compel your heart to race with anticipation when Lea walks up the sidewalk.  

So while Wild Women Writers (.com) have not knocked on my door just yet, I have faith that they, or someone else, will.  As long as I continue to do my job and find a way to share this experience with you!

Now let's go back to story, and talk a little about Lea.  Her tale.  There's a reason why this novel is titled what it is.  Lea was, and is, a character for the ages, a presence that once encountered cannot be forgotten.  When she walks into a room the energy noticeably shifts.  When she blazed a trail into Alex's heart both lives were irrevocably changed.  

Alex was so caught up in how she felt that it never dawned on her that she should share her blissful news with someone else.  Who would she tell anyways?  Yes, she was in love.  No doubt about it.  Yes, it’s with a woman. A woman that made her knees buckle with a simple kiss, a warm embrace. But for Alex there was something sacred about the relationship, and the thought of allowing someone else into that world felt wrong, and intrusive.

Lea also struggled with restraining the joy of her discovery.  For years girls had pursued the beautiful, dark eyed, confident woman.  Attracted to her spirit and her smile, they all yearned to win the heart of the illusive catch. They watched, they flirted, and when drinks were flowing someone typically made an awkward pass.  Lea always laughed it off and let her pursuers down gently, but definitively.  Then Alex entered her life.  Her soul immediately knew that something was different, and her heart quickly followed suit.  She was over the moon in love.  So while Alex sought to protect their secret, Lea was ready to share her joy.  

Of course a secret this intense cannot be kept for long.  Will sharing their new found bliss change the course of their relationship?  Did they still...

Believe in forever.


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