Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 19 of 365

I opened my soul, and...surprise!

The original intent of this blog was to document the process of writing a novel for the first time, and the pursuit of getting the book published.  To describe how it feels to write, the struggles to get words on paper, the challenges with contacting publishers, and so on.

Instead I find myself opening up my soul and spilling it out there for the world to see. Reflecting on love, patience, pain and prayer.  Channeling the deepest parts of my being and allowing my mind to grasp all that is lurking inside.  So why the change in methodology?

Because I never expected that writing this book would be such a spiritual experience.

I have had the premise for this story-line in my mind for two years now.  The women in love and their struggles to find peace.  The forlorn angels and their quest to find each other again.  Just write, Alex.  Just write.  Build the story, develop the characters, bring it all together.  And keep moving forward.  

But the story that is coming though me is deeper, and more real, than I could have possibly imagined.  I find myself wrapped up in their experiences.  I can feel Lea's joy, Leo's pain, and Rachel's unwavering determination.  And through them I have found deep pools of emotion within myself.  

I can only hope that what I am feeling, seeing, and channeling gets translated effectively through my written words.  I would so love to share the depth of this journey with you.

Let's hope.

Back to the novel.  Lately in this blog I have written quite a bit about Rachel and Leo.  Let's go back for a moment to the story of Alex and Lea. In the beginning they had nothing BUT love in their relationship. The connection was immediate and undeniable.  Here's a tidbit from the early, early days:

“Hi Lea!  This is Alex, you remember, the girl who was hanging out with Danni at the pub last night?”  Alex sighed, knowing that she sounded ridiculous.  “Uh, Hi Lea!  Danni gave me your phone number.  Do you know what time the game is next week?”  Even weaker, she thought.  “Alex come on!”, she scolded herself, “You’re better than this.”  

Stretched sideways across her bed, perched up on her elbows, and wearing nothing but a white tank top and blue shorts, she was now on minute thirty of staring at the phone number scratched on the pad in front of her.  After trying about a dozen awkward introductions she finally settled on “Is this Lea?  Hi Lea, it’s Alex.  Hey…did you happen to find a gold necklace near your truck last night at the pub?  I think I may have lost it there.”  It was a paper thin reason to call, but not entirely untrue.  She really did lose a necklace, though she was thinking more bedroom closet than parking lot.  Still, it gave her the reason she needed, and Alex was delighted when a warm voice answered the phone.  

“Alex!  Hey!  How are ya?”  The smile that came across the line was tangible, and Alex beamed as she responded “Awesome!  Really good!  How are you Lea?”  With adrenaline pumping through her veins, and her fluttering heart beating a mile a minute, Alex somehow settled into a flowing, somewhat flirtatious conversation with the girl who had unexpectedly captured her heart.  Neither one of them seemed at all concerned about returning to the subject of the lost necklace.  

It was just the beginning.  But deep down inside, in places Alex and Lea could not fully comprehend just yet, there was a piece of them that would always...

Believe in forever.


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