Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Day 11 of 365

Why I love...LOVE!

When I used to think about this concept, I contained in a static bubble of "I love..." while attaching a person or an item to the thought.  "I love my soul mate."  "I love my family."  "I love my job."  "I love sipping an ice cold beer on a hot, hot summer day."  Being restricted in such a way meant that if I did not have these things - the soul mate, the job, the cold beer, then I did not have love.

I was so wrong.

The process of writing "My Journey with Lea" has exponentially expanded my concept of what love really is. I now believe that it is a living, breathing, fluid energy inside of me.  It is something I can share, but not something I have to receive to feel.

My awakened spirit has taught me that love is far more than being with another.  I sense love when I look at the mountains in the distance, or the endlessness of the ocean against a horizon.  I feel deep appreciation and joy when I read a good book, or spend time admiring great architecture when I travel.  I feel love and peace when I am with animals that know me and love me unconditionally (horses, dogs, cats, it's all the same).

What I have discovered through this writing process, more than anything else, is that healthy love starts and ends with appreciation for my inner being, for who I am, and who I will become.  Love for that creative, playful, deep, and giving soul within.  The soul that wants to expand, grow, share, play, be.

So writing about Alex and Lea, and how the spark of their love remained alive over the course of a long absence, that inspires me.  Thinking about Rachel and her refusal to leave this world without Leo, her one and only soul mate, that is a feeling I enjoy musing about, writing about, feeling.

That place is where this novel is coming from.  Both stories are based a little on my personal journey, and a lot from that deep and soulful love that is deep inside.  

Leo felt this place the moment he laid eyes on Rachel.  He was quite content with being alone, finding joy in running his small but productive horse farm.  But Rachel's eyes spoke to that deep place inside of him, and it changed his destiny forever.

It was an innocent enough question. “Can you tell me where they keep the seeds?” Leo looked up from his study of grain prices, annoyed at the interruption. “Do I look like I work here?” he thought to himself. Leo practically choked on the “No.” that he was about to grumble when he found himself staring into playful blue eyes that were alive with excitement, as if the prospect of finding and buying seeds was something of an adventure.
“Umm, I think so.”, he mumbled, clearing his throat. “They may be up this way.” He offered his arm and led the stranger to the front of the store, his heart racing for some inexplicable reason. As they walked his only reality was the feeling of her fingertips on his arm, and the memory of the jolt that he felt when his eyes had first connected to hers. “There you go Ma’am.” Her fingers lingered a moment longer than necessary, a moment they both captu
red and stored away. “Rachel.” She whispered through a blush. “You can call me Rachel.” “Leo.” was all he could choke out. That was all it took, all he needed. He was done.

Leo was not a man who could explain his love with logic.  It was just something that he felt.  I hope and pray you know what I mean.  And as always, I hope that you...

Believe in forever.  


Hi there!  Hope you are enjoying the blog!  I am going to take a two day reprieve to write, and write, and write some more.  I am going to just bury myself in the stories of Rachel and Leo, Alex and Lea.  The next two days are for them.

I have a challenge for you.  Over the next 2 days, share this blog!  Forward it to anyone and everyone you think might enjoy it!  It's simple - you can share by cutting and pasting the address, or by hitting one of the myriad of sharing buttons on the blog.  Get MJWL out there!

Hugs to you all!


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Nice garden! Looks familiar. Loving the blog and the parts where you tease with a little of the actual book. Am learning from you insight and observations. Keep up the great writing!

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