Friday, August 2, 2013

Day 6 of 365

Why am I here!?

I'm on vacation this week, and it was supposed to be a crazy cool time for writing.  (As well as a variety of other let your hair down activities.)  Writing the novel, that is, not the blog.  So this morning I had a good chat with myself, and it basically went like this:

"Alex, dudette, why so much time playing with the blog?  Where's the book?"  


So I thought about it some more, and I reminded myself that I blog for two reasons: 

(1) I LOVE the story of Rachel and Leo They lived 100 years ago, yet somehow they continue to influence my journey here in the year 2013.  I absolutely adore writing about their love, trust, and passion for each other.  They also heavily influenced the paths of Alex and Lea, even though the two love struck women had no way of knowing it.  Writing about these interwoven stories, and sharing pieces of it through this blog, brings me a level of peace that I don't want to let go.    

(2) I also blog because it creates accountability, a reason for me to stay on this writing journey even as other commitments and influences crowd my time.  It's like setting a new fitness goal.  Success rates improve dramatically if you have a work out buddy to hold you accountable.  Well, moving forward you are all my "work out buddies".

So with that said, I have made a few changes to my blog approach and formatting:  

  • I will no longer ask readers to subscribe via email.  Sorry, RSS was not "Simple" for me.  Plus, I hope to post a little every day, and no one out there want's 365 annoying emails from me. 
  • Since I will be posting (nearly) every day, just bookmark the site and check in periodically.  I still hope you will follow the journey.  Knowing you are there as my work out buddy is a pretty good feeling.
  • Comments are welcome, and I will respond as much as time permits.
  • You can still list yourself as a Google + Follower, which is cool.  If there are any big updates I will shoot all the followers a quick email with a link. 

At the end of the day if you want to follow this blog it should be on your terms, not mine.  Right? Pretty simple.

I have been thinking a lot about Rachel lately, her story, so in a few days I will post more on her.  For today, here's a little more about Alex and Lea in their early days.

Thirty minutes passed in a heartbeat.  Lea glanced at the clock on the wall and frowned, making a reluctant motion to get up.  "I have to get back to work.  They'll be looking for me soon."  Alex felt her heart plummet, like gravity taking hold again after a long absence.  Her mind desperately searched for a way to prolong the moment, hoping to avoid the sensory crash that was imminent.  A strange calm suddenly flattened her senses, and she heard the words "Jump, Alex.  You'll be fine." whispered in her ear.  Filled with a courage that she barely recognized, she heard the words escaping one by one from her lips.  "Lea, I'm crazy about you.  And you're beautiful."  She saw a light flicker in Lea's eyes that startled her, like a flash of brilliance, or a deep sense of knowing.

That's all for now.

Thank you again for being here, for being you.  And as always...

Believe in forever.  


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