Sunday, August 31, 2014

Continuing the Journey!

I.  AM.  BACK!!!

After a few months of serious transition time (new job, new life, new outlook) I am dusting off the keyboard and diving back into the continuation of My Journey with Lea!

Great to be back online with my faithful MJWL peeps!  For those of you who are new to this blog - welcome!  Over the past year I have chronicled my quest to write the story that is now an integral part of my soul, aching to get out, ready to be shared with the world.  Originally I had set a goal of writing the book within one year.  Well, a good (and recent) connection of mine, editor extraordinaire Stacey Donovan ( helped me to see this project through a different lens.  Faster is not always better. 

While the book is essentially complete (yeah!) I am still in the process of adding layers to the storyline, depth to the characters, flavor to words themselves. 

Oh my God does it feel good to write again!

Listed below is a high level overview of the book.  Let me ask you...if you read this summary would YOU want to read the novel? 
If the answer is YES then leave a comment, retweet the post, or connect with the blog itself. 
If the answer is NO, or MAYBE, I would love to hear why.  Seriously.
OK, here we go!  And remember...

Believe in Forever,


Overview of “My Journey with Lea”. 

This novel is a heart wrenching, soul satisfying portrayal of two distinctly different, yet intricately entwined couples. Through incredible passion, tragic loss, and a resolute determination to live and love, both couples discover that while life is a journey, infinite love is a matter of destiny.

The modern day love story is between two strong, independent women named Alexandria and Lea. They met young and fell madly, deeply in love. The glance that rocked their worlds, the softness of a first touch, and oh, that kiss! Their passion was insatiable and life altering, but also unexpected and ill-timed. They were ultimately separated by circumstance and 1200 miles. Alex spent years resolving to discover the magic of true love again. Would her complicated journey lead her back to Lea?

Our second couple, Rachel and Leo, lived on a horse farm in the early 1900’s. He was a strong, quiet man that was half Choctow Indian, and she was a young woman from Philadelphia society who had moved to the mountains of Tennessee in search of adventure. They fell in love immediately, souls connecting over the single touch of her fingers on his sleeve. Unfortunately Rachel’s early death interrupted their plans of forever and sent Leo into a painful tailspin.

We follow Rachel to the world of energy and spirits and watch as she discovers the true meaning of life and love, destiny and infinite partners. She persuades the angels to allow her to deviate from her ascension and pursue a path to save Leo’s soul.

The two stories are interwoven throughout the book before ultimately reaching a climatic ending that ruptures the stereotypical "happily ever after" conclusion but still leaves you breathless and satisfied.

I know the novel is deep, and rare, and real because I have lived parts of it, and the rest of it seeps into my soul and through my fingers as I write. My destiny is to chronicle this journey and share their respective love stories. 

So...ready to read more?

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