Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 30 of 365

Unlimited, unrestricted, all encompassing...Peace.

We have all felt it.  That undeniable sensation when we are in total alignment with the universe.  When all is right with the world, or at least our world.  Inner calm and a creative awakening.  Athletes call it "being in the zone."  Philosophers call it "transcending".  Whatever you call it I believe it is one of the most beautiful feelings on earth.

For me peace is not the absence of activity, or even a lack of challenges.  It is simply knowing that I am on the right track, that I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing in this moment.  When I am at peace I wake up so happy, so alive, ready for the day, excited about the infinite possibilities that lay before me.

So if peace is such a crazy good sensation, why not have it all the time?  I think in part it is because we are analytical creatures.  We want to figure things out.  Maybe over-thinking every activity gives us a false sense of control.  There's nothing wrong with reflection and learning from the past, but sometimes our minds use this information to slip into a white hot frenzy of worry and anxiety over the future.  What a waste of time and energy.  The opposite of peace.

It is a proven fact, however, (Thank God!) that we get to choose our thoughts.  WE chooseWhen I decide to align my inner dialog with what IS right in my life, and in this world...ahhh.  Bliss.  All of my creativity comes from this place.

Beautiful.  And so simple.

Rachel understood this concept.  She adored the simple, joyous life on the farm with her Leo.  Let's peak in on our heroine and see if you can feel the peace that she felt.

Rachel quickly fell into a routine on the farm. Leo would wake up every morning, wash up, and dress quickly for chores. He never left the house without kissing his bride and telling her “I love you Rachel.” To which she always smiled and responded “Forever Leo.”  

With Leo out in the barn Rachel had time to wash up and dress, taking in the peace of the house and the smell of the fresh country air wafting in through the open windows. She loved the simplicity of being a farmer’s wife. She dressed in light cotton blouses and patterned skirts that fit perfectly and gave her room to breathe and move, unlike the restrictive, awkward boned corsets and Victorian dresses that were all the rage in Philadelphia. She would pull her long curly hair back into a ponytail and put a light swipe of lipstick on her lips. Rachel looked in the mirror and was tickled by the glowing smile that beamed back at her.

In the summer her routine included heading out the garden to harvest the plump red tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, and crisp white onions that sprung up from the ground. After detouring to get fresh eggs from the chicken coup Rachel was at the stove, whipping up a breakfast of omelets, pancakes, and coffee that Leo would inhale mid-morning.  

Once breakfast dishes were washed and put away it was time to walk down to the barn to see the dogs and watch Leo work with the horses. He had an incredible presence around the animals, and they responded to him. His movements were congruent with theirs, his voice soothing and patient. Rachel felt that she could see Leo as his truest self when he was fully immersed in training. It brought back memories of how she felt the first time she listened to a live orchestra in the city. The fullness of their notes, the absolute synchronicity of the instruments. But the appreciation she felt then did not compare to the depth of adoration she felt now, watching her man doing what he did best. These were among her happiest moments on earth.


Rachel's peace came from her realization that she was where she wanted to be, doing what she wanted to do.  She did not need fancy clothes or pompous hairdo's to make her smile at her reflection.  In that simple life with Leo she had all she needed to create an infinite supply of happiness.  And above all else, what gave Rachel peace was that she would always...

Believe in forever.


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