Thursday, September 12, 2013

Day 47 of 365

An Untroubled Soul

Have you ever had the sensation of absolute joy taking over your entire being?  The warmth, the peace, the rush of silly happiness. 

For me, this feeling usually occurs during quiet, reflective moments. I am so often amazed by the pure, simple beauty of…

  • A clean slate.
  • A blank page.
  • An untroubled soul.
  • Green mountains against a clear blue sky.
  • The ocean at sunrise.
  • A beautifully written verse.
  • A promise that is kept.
  • Realized potential.
  • Self-confidence and self-respect.
  • A great work out.
  • The unconditional love of a child. Or a pet.
  • Freedom.
  • A warm beverage on a cold day.
  • A cold beverage on a warm day.
  • A good stretch.
  • A true friend.
  • A brisk walk through the leaves on a fall day, dreaming about the endless possibilities that life has to offer, the unlimited potential for creation and action, and the wonder and amazement of existence, which is ours to embrace when we start each day with…
  • A clean slate.
  • A blank page.
  • An untroubled soul. 

In MJWL, Alex went through quite a bit. Her story included moments of pure, reciprocated love, followed by chapters of deep, tortured pain and loss. It was not always easy to see the bright side, to keep her chin up, to see the silver lining. But Alex had an unbreakable spirit, and when she quieted her mind she always found a way to pull through, to breathe again. 

It's a beautiful day today, so let's take a look at some of the bright moments...

When Alex returned for her sophomore year at UNF she was a new woman. Confident. Fit. Tan. She exuded an energy that was transparent and warm, hugging her friends and greeting the incoming freshman with exuberance and hearty handshakes. She glided from room to room, a one woman welcoming committee, her contagious smile lifting the mood of the already light hearted Regency dorm. 
Cindy and Suzanne, two of Alex’s closest friends from her freshman year, took in the scene with genuine curiosity.
“Wow. Alex must have had a good summer. She’s practically floating! Maybe’s she’s on something.” Suzanne remarked, tilting her curly blond head to look at Cindy with a sideways grin, eyebrows raised in mock concern.
Cindy, a petite, dark haired Panamanian, rolled her soft brown eyes. “Yeah, she’s on something alright. I’d know that look anywhere. Alex found somebody.”
They both knew there was more to the story, and figured they would corner Alex and get the scoop once the weekend hysteria had settled down.
For Alex there was no hysteria, just unfiltered joy. She kept thoughts of Lea in her mind as a constant presence. The knowing brown eyes that radiated love. Memories of warm embraces and soft, passionate kisses. Simple moments like sitting in the car, holding hands, eating ice cream. Alex and Lea had not allowed their physical relationship to move beyond those basic boundaries during their brief summer together. There was no need. Both women had discovered more sensuality and intimacy in the modest act of holding each other than either had ever experienced before. And for now that was enough.
Alex returned to school after a beautiful summer with Lea, untroubled by the distance, fully prepared to wait. For you see, since the beginning, Alex always...

Believed in forever.

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