Sunday, September 21, 2014

A little character

It's time to develop our relationship.

Let's go deeper, really get to know each other.

I want to know everything .  Tell me all about you.  What makes you smile, warms your heart, keeps you going?  What are your fears, your doubts, your intimate scars that lie just below the surface.

What characteristics are yours and yours alone?  The imperfections that make you, well, perfect!  I want to hear, see, feel it all.

These are the questions I have been asking the MJWL lead characters. 

I have memorized their stories, their journeys, their trials.  Now I want to know them.  Who is Rachel, down deep, in her soul of souls?  Why is Leo a loner, guarded, scarred?  What drives Alex, and why does she still believe in the promise of true love?  Where does that faith come from?  And why is Lea such a magnetic combination of push you away and pull  you in?  What makes her so incredibly intoxicating?? 

I need to know. 

And I want to paint their pictures with such vivid colors you that you will experience what I feel when their words spill out onto the pages in front of me.

That's where I am on this journey.  Diving deep, getting to know. 

With pen and paper in hand I have written "Who is ...?" at the top of each page, waiting for the words to flow.

For those of you have been experiencing this blog since the beginning, feel free to contribute.  Share a few words via email ( (or comment below) describing your impressions of Rachel, Leo, Alex, and Lea.  What characteristics have YOU pictured?  Would love to hear from you.

And the journey continues, with love, because I...

Believe in Forever.


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