Friday, February 14, 2014


Peace, Patience, Purpose

I believe in this journey. With all that I am.

I have Peace in my heart, knowing my journey is right, and real.

I have Patience in my soul, knowing that all I intend to manifest in my life is already here or on it's way. When the time is aligned with God, my angels, and the Universe. My favorite quote on this topic:

"Infinite patience produces immediate results." - A Course in Miracles

I have Purpose. I know what I need to do. The road ahead is crystal clear. I have no doubt.

I am rejoining ships on Sunday, so while the writing and editing will continue, the blog posts may have to wait.

With only 164 days to go (home stretch!) I will commit to keeping you all informed about the pursuit to publish. If you are not already a follower you can find me on Gmail ( and join my circle. Or shoot me your email and I promise to keep you up to date. (I also promise...NO SPAM!)

Regular blog posts, documenting the home stretch, will begin again in late April. 

This book will happen.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day I offer you two sections from the book, quick excerpts that describe the start of the love journey for both of our couples. (Falling in love is so much fun, isn't it?!)

Rachel and her Leo

“Umm, I think so.”, he mumbled, clearing his throat. For a moment Leo was frozen, trapped in the unfamiliar spell the stranger’s presence was casting on him. He had never before experienced the flittering feeling that was now wreaking havoc inside of his stomach, and the reserved farmer did not know how to move beyond the moment. Rachel turned her head ever so slightly and raised her eyebrows expectantly, which broke the temporary enchantment and allowed Leo to respond.

“Ah, they may be up this way, ma’am. Here, I’ll show you.”

He offered his arm, which Rachel readily accepted, and proceeded to lead the beautiful visitor to the front of the store, his heart racing and his mind a muddy mess of stifled thought. As they walked his only reality was the feeling of her fingertips on his arm, and the memory of the jolt that he felt when his eyes had first connected to hers.

Alex and her Lea

Alex was suddenly very alone in the middle of the bar. Becoming impatient with her inner dialog, she quickly scanned her surroundings for Katie or another familiar face, a friendly anchor to hold on to as she waited. As her glance made it halfway around the bar her eyes suddenly locked with a beautiful, smiling, brown-eyed Rebels player.

Alex felt her heart stop.

It literally shut off for a solid second and everything in her universe was paralyzed. All movement ceased, all sound was silenced, even the air paused. Time and space no longer existed. Alex caught her breath as her heart kicked back in with a riveting “snap”, and she swore that she felt something physically twist inside of her. Adrenaline shot through her veins, shattering her melancholy and igniting a chain reaction of explosions within her, weakening her knees and sending throbbing beats that reverberated in her body and made her shift in her seat.

The brown-eyed girl with a knowing grin was looking right through Alex and seemed to be watching her take in the room. When Alex met the glance the stunning woman made no attempt to hide her attention. It was Alex who finally looked away, afraid the doe-eyed admirer would see the fireworks shooting through her veins. The encounter lasted for only a few seconds but it was enough to lock the glance into her soul.

Love at first sight is fun. Enduring love is precious and rare, if you can find a way to...

Believe in Forever.


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